General Business Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2017
MEETING CONVENED:                           
President AO1 Rickey Cull, USN, called the meeting to order on 15 June 2017 at 1900 hours. The smoking Lamp is OUT. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, followed by a prayer provided by AOCM Rick Wyman, USN (Ret) for our Nation, departed shipmates, deployed personnel and families.       
President Cull asked each member in attendance to introduce themselves, their command and  their favorite port call.  Active duty commands represented included VP-10, VP-30, NMC, HSMWING, HSM-46, HSM-60, NAS Jax, CNATTU.
22 Personnel; Listing on file.
BINNACLE LIST:                                         
AOC Tony Gonzales, USN(Ret) is back home following rehab for back surgery.  Bobby Hall- recently suffered a stroke, was treated at St Vincent’s Hospital and is now recovering at home. . . has some paralysis in his right side. Former Vice-President Chapter 9 AOC Taylor Porter, USN-involved in a car crash.  AOC Bill Laur, USN(Ret), is suffering from kidney failure and currently on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant.
AOCS John H. Wilken, USN(Ret) Norfolk, VA,  AOCM Gordon W. Zehm, USN(RET) - Spokane, WA and CWO4 Bo Willson.
Financial report was approved as presented.
Previous Meeting Minutes:
Minutes were provided on the Chapter’s website for review. They were approved as presented.

  1. Accepting nominations for AO of the Quarter for the 2nd QTR/CY-17 . . . nomination format available on our website. Selection by Board of Directors will be at the JULY 2017 BOD meeting.
  2. Hall of Honor and Hall of Fame nominations are currently being accepted. Please forward to AOCS (Ret) Dennis Patterson or to any board/committee member.
  3. The Chapter all AO Picnic is scheduled for Saturday 9 September 2017.  More info to follow.
  4. Blue Angels Air Show is scheduled for 5 & 6 November 2017.
  5. A envelope stuffing working party will be needed and scheduled for August 5, 2017 at 0900 at FRA Branch 126 at 7673 Blanlding Blvd.
  6. Lt. (Ret) Jack Elrod is working with the Middleburg Civic Association to enter a trailer/float for this year’s upcoming 4th of July parade. More to follow in next month’s meeting.   
  1. A Bylaws change (restricting the officers of Secretary and Treasurer) to retired members only was approved by the Board of Directors and presented to the general assembly for approval/disapproval. AOCS (Ret) Dennis Patterson made the motion to accept the change as presented. A second was made and further discussion followed. The change was approved by a vote of 20 Yea and 3 Nay.
  2. Chapter 9 will be participating in the 4th of July parade in Middleburg, Fl.  It will be on Tuesday the 4th of July 2017 and will start at 0800 from Omega Park on CR 218 east to the Winn Dixie parking lot, turn around and return to Omega Park (approx 2 miles).  Those of you that wish to participate will muster at Omega Park at 0730.  Uniform is your chapter nine red shirt and ball cap.  We will be passing out small American flags to the kids along the parade route.  There is room for 18 people on the trailer and as many walkers as needed.
  3. Next FOD-WALK-DOWN is Sept. 23 at 0900.
  1. Our website has been updated to a responsive site that can be view on any device. Please check it out to see if it meets our needs. The Contact Us page and the Links of Interest page are still in work and should be fully functional soon.
  2. Mike Snider and Steve Cashat continue to collect toiletries left over from any member’s hotel/motel stay while traveling. All items to be donated to a shelter.
  3. Preident expressed the importance of being a member of both the National AAO and the Fleet Reserve Association.
  4. If you know of any Ordies, retired/active duty or family member that may need some help or assistance around the house, with landscaping or with odd jobs please get in touch with any of the Board of Directors. The Chapter stands ready to assist our brothers and sisters in need.
  5. Visit your website ( for current chapter events and information.
July 20, 2017 at 1900. BOD meets at 1800.
Meeting was adjourned early because of a power outage